The Year of Onça

Dear friends,

I am here to tell you that the time has come. 2018 will be a big year for Onça. I will continue to contribute to the Canadian literary scene with my design and editorial work, but above that, Onça will finally live up to its name: Publishing.

That’s right—later this year, the Onça Classics edition of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde will be out in the world.

At the moment I am putting the finishing touches on it. Within the next month or so I expect to have printer arrangements finalized, at which time I will make further announcements, including a release date and shipping information for our Indiegogo backers (I have not forgotten about you!). I know this isn’t a lot of information yet, but I wanted to assure you it is coming, and soon.

But wait, there’s more! In the summer, I will announce plans for Onça’s first book of original fiction, which will release in 2019. Also in the summer, I will reopen general submissions—they have been closed since 2015—as I search for more upcoming releases.


As some of you know, aside from my publishing endeavours, I have also been working for some time on a WordPress plugin for small publishers like myself. An older version of this plugin is even up on GitHub, but I am working on a major rewrite of the code. I expect the plugin to be ready within the next two months or so, and I already have one publisher lined up to beta-test in action. More on that later.

But for now, I want to introduce you to my most recent project, a plugin I created in the last few days, sort of as practice. It is called Quick Recommend, and it allows bloggers to attach a recommendation—for a book, a movie, or anything else they want—to the bottom of their posts. It’s intended for the non-specialists: if you want to offer casual recommendations to your reader, without having to create a separate post just for it, Quick Recommend is for you. Just attach your recommendation to the bottom of any post.

Since I have just submitted QRec to the WordPress Plugin Repository, it is not publicly available yet. In the mean time, you can read all about it here, and see it in action below. I will use QRec to recommend books, movies, music and TV shows that I’m particularly fond of each time I post an update to the Onça blog.

Recommended Book:


by China Miéville

Embassytown is the closest Miéville has ever gone to traditional science fiction. The big feature: insect-like aliens that speak simultaneously through two mouths, only understand speech if it is coming from a living creature, and have no concept of a lie, or even of metaphor. As usual, Miéville wields sociology, international relations and his apparently limitless creativity. But it is its focus on language that makes Embassytown truly outstanding.

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  1. Dulce Simas said on

    Love it! Can’t wait for my copy and for your new releases!

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