About Onça

A onça, the jaguar. An animal rarely seen in the wild, a onça is remembered forever by those granted the rare gift of glimpsing one. This striking, memorable experience is the standard of excellence Onça Publishing strives for in all our endeavours.

Onça Publishing specializes in book design, long-form editing and publishing high-quality content. We have humble beginnings but great expectations.

As a publisher, we are primarily interested in fiction that pushes the boundaries of the literary and plays with speculative genres like fantasy and science fiction. We believe that speculative genres allow us to explore the deepest parts of the human psyche by placing characters in more extreme situations than our real world can supply. We are also adamant about the reading experience, and will always offer our titles in the best-suited form for their content, be that in print, ebook or otherwise.

Onça began providing design and editorial services to British Columbian publishers in 2015. Owner Shed Simas has more than five years in the publishing industry and a longer history in the arts. He has earned a Master of Publishing and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. He has worked in-house at several BC publishing houses, including Tradewind BooksHarbour Publishing and Douglas & McIntyre, doing everything from cover and interior design, to copyediting and substantive editing, production management and ebook conversion and management. Find out how you can hire Onça’s Services.

We are currently preparing our first title for print. Our special edition of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde represents all of our interests. Stevenson’s classic gothic novella was an early work of science fiction, in which Dr. Jekyll attempts to split his personality in two. Our edition is carefully designed to reflect the relationship between Jekyll and his alter ego, Hyde, and will be produced with high-quality materials.

Onça is also committed to a streamlined web-based editorial and production workflow. Some of the solutions we develop for our own needs will become public projects that—we hope—will help other small publishers streamline their businesses as well. Our first endeavour is the Books in WP plugin, which manages books, series and contributor pages on this site. Read more about it and find out how to collaborate on our Projects page.