Wall of Awesome

Please join us in thanking the contributors to our Onça Classics crowdfunding campaign! These early Onça supporters are all awesome and deserve you showering them with love. Their names will be recorded here for posterity/bragging rights:

Alex Partos
Alexis S Kho
Alina Cerminara
Amanda Peters
Ana L R Ferraz
Anna Bohn
Anne Fleming
Brad Blackburn
Brianna Cerkiewicz
Bruno B Oliveira
Carla Regina De Faria E Souza
Clara Simas Ferraz
De Oliveira Nitsch
Elizabeth Leal F Barbosa
Ethan Safron
Felipe N B Simas
Fernando Berredo Leal Ferreira
Fernando Scodro
Isa F L Ferreira
Jan Norris
Jano G S
Jesmine Cham
Kevin G Jesuino
Marcella Monteiro
Maria Lucia Simas
Mariana L Ferreira
Marisa Alps
Marisa Peixoto Da S
Matthew Brown
Megan Ferguson
Michael Bowe
Michael Despotovic
Nancy Holmes
Nemo Simas
Nicole Deer-Ferris
Nishat Tasnim
Patricia D Demagalhaes
Roberto Gomes Do Nascimento
Rosemary Sidle
Samantha Elizabeth Markham
Sarah Kok
Sean Lawrence
Simone M L Catette
Teresa D Flanagan
Uba Mkasha Mohammed
Velma Larkai
Victoria Elliott
Wilma T B Simas
Wyatt D Mcrae

and 16 anonymous contributors!

Changed your mind about being anonymous? Want to change how your name is recorded? Did you contribute in someone else’s name and need us to add their name to the list? Just get in touch and let us know. Make sure to include your name as it currently appears, your contribution email (the one on your Indiegogo account) and what you would like the new name to be.

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