The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Hardcover with dust jacket
  • 4.375 × 7 in
  • 104 pages
  • This book will be released on November 13, 2018
  • Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 9780986553547
  • 12 BW illustrations
  • $49.95 + tax Canadian

Jekyll & Hyde, as it is frequently called, was first published in 1886. Mr. Gabriel Utterson, a lawyer, investigates a series of peculiar circumstances involving the respectable Dr. Henry Jekyll and his unlikely protégé, the despicable Mr. Edward Hyde. As the story develops, we slowly learn the surprising true nature of the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde. Through a series of chemical experiments, Jekyll has incurred a form of shapeshifting dissociative identity disorder—Jekyll and Hyde are in fact the same person.

The Onça edition is carefully designed to reflect this nature. The contrast of black on white is focal; a comfortably proportionate page is marred by unsettling tight type; and a pure white sleeve offers a window of violence, through which the solid unmarked black of the case can be seen.

Onça’s inaugural title, this special edition of Stevenson’s classic gothic novella embodies everything we believe in: from literary excellence in speculative fiction to a print product you’ll want to show off.