The Year of Onça

2018 will be a big year for Onça: later this year, our edition of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde will be out in the world. And that’s not all: throughout the year, we will be announcing plans for our first original fiction title, reopening manuscript submissions and releasing a major publishing-oriented WordPress plugin.

The new Onça Publishing

Our Onça Classics crowdfunding campaign ended over two years ago, short of our goal but still viable. But just when we were about to print the books, sudden financial stresses took hold. Fortunately, by taking on more design and editorial freelance work, we have found the light at the end of this tunnel.


Beside Shed Simas’s work on Onça Publishing itself, some of his most notable works include the page layouts of The Heaviness of Things that Float by Jennifer Manuel and The World’s Most Travelled Man by Mike Spencer Bown; the cover of Wayne Cope’s Vancouver Blue; and the substantive edit for The Sphere of Septimus by Simon Rose.

Hire Us

Onça Publishing is always looking for clients in need of design, editorial and ebook conversion services. Onça’s owner Shed Simas is a designer and editor with over four years’ experience in the book publishing industry, proficient in long-form text design, typesetting and print-to-ebook workflows.

Onça Classics: One Year Update

Decmber 3, 2015, marked the one-year anniversary of the end of our Indiegogo campaign. In 2014, we asked you to support the production and release of our first title, a special edition of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, by R. L. Stevenson. After so much time, I would like to give you an update.

Wall of Awesome

Please join us in thanking the contributors to our Onça Classics crowdfunding campaign! These early Onça supporters are all awesome and deserve you showering them with love. Their names will be recorded here for posterity/bragging rights.

Onça campaign comes to an end

Last Wednesday, our Indiegogo campaign came to an end. Thank you—truly—to everyone who contributed. It makes me so happy to have you guys for supporters. Unfortunately, we did not reach our campaign goal of $11,000. We raised $4,141, far from our goal and below $7,000, the minimum that would have made the project viable. So […]