Thank you!

We received your donation. You rock! If you included any suggestions for new features, we received those as well, and will add them to our list of requested features. Keep an eye for it on future releases!

Quick Recommend

Quick Recommend is a WordPress plugin that adds a recommendation box to the bottom of your posts. Great for promoting books, movies, music and other products when that is not the primary focus of your blog.


Besides our publishing endeavours, we also create workflow solutions. We create these for ourselves, but we are happy to share!

Books in WP

The Books in WP plugin is designed to simplify title management for small publishers. Although we have an alpha version available for download from our GitHub, a major restructuring of the plugin is underway and will be completed by the summer of 2018.

Introduction to Books in WP

Books in WP was designed to simplify title management for book publishers not only online but in every platform. Everything directly related to books and authors on our website is powered by our nifty plugin—but we’re not even using all of its features, and we’re only in Phase 1!