Books in WP

The Books in WP plugin is designed to simplify title management for small publishers. Although we have an alpha version available for download from our GitHub, a major restructuring of the plugin is underway and will be completed by the summer of 2018.

Phase I of the plugin focuses on the website itself, including individual book pages, automatic lists of “Recent” and “Upcoming” books, as well as pages for authors and other contributors. Phase II will add an ICML export option to simplify catalogue production using InDesign. Finally, Phrase III of development will add ONIX import and export options, for easy data distribution.

Recent Updates

Introduction to Books in WP

Books in WP was designed to simplify title management for book publishers not only online but in every platform. Everything directly related to books and authors on our website is powered by our nifty plugin—but we’re not even using all of its features, and we’re only in Phase 1!