Onça Classics: One Year Update


December 3 marked the one-year anniversary of the end of our Indiegogo campaign. Last year, we asked you to support the production and release of our first title, a special edition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by R. L. Stevenson. After so much time, I would like to give you an update.

By the end of our campaign we had raised only $4,141, far from our $11,000 goal. It was, however, a sizeable amount nonetheless—one for which we are still very thankful to all of our contributors—and the project was still viable. I needed only to make some adjustments and invest a little more out-of-pocket than intended. About six months later we were requesting quotes from printers both in Canada and overseas, and had all but chosen our printer.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter another challenge presented itself. For reasons beyond my control, I was no longer in the position to make the necessary investment. This remains the case and will likely remain the case for several months. Thus, Onça Classics—and any other Onça enterprises—must be kept on hold.

I assure you, however, that your investment was not in vain. We still have a record of all your contributions and the perks you requested, and I guarantee that we will print our edition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as soon as it becomes possible. I hope that we may be finally mailing out copies within another year—but that may be too optimistic. When things finally move along, I will be sure to check in again to let you know.

Thank you again, friends—for your contributions, your support and above all for your patience.

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